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Weight Lifting Belts

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Weightlifting Belt
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Premium Weightlifting Lever Belt - Brown
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Premium Weightlifting Lever Belt - Black
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Self Locking Weightlifting Belt
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Dip Belt with Steel Chain
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Weight Lifting Belts

Weight Lifting Belts also known as lifting belts & gym belts which are quite an essential piece of equipment in every of the gyms and training centers. Due to its increased popularity, a large number of trainees and weightlifters of all classes use the lifting belts for correcting their posture during heavy weight lifting.

Weight lifting belts are basically a band of material worn around the waist, most often with handles attached to it. Weight lifting belts are usually worn by weight lifters for safety reasons. Weight Lifting belts help to support the lower back & abdomen during heavy lifts hence preventing injuries like damaged spines etc. 

Weightlifting belts also give you increased strength by giving you something that keeps your body upright and rigid while making contact with squats or any other lift that requires you to bend down low or keep your core open (which would make it impossible for one's abs to function). 

Weight Lifting Belts are commonly made out of leather though there are other materials like nylon etc. Weight Lifting belts can be worn by both men and women, they come in different sizes and the most commonly used weightlifting belt is one that has 4 inches thickness & about 10mm width. 

Weight Lifting Belts should not be worn during warm-ups or while doing low weight exercises as it restricts blood flow to your abdominal area and also due to lesser demand of support for which you would otherwise need a Weightlifting Belt. Weight Lifting Belts should only be worn once you start burdening yourself with weights starting from 70% of your 1 rep maximum (1RM) till over 90% (which means that if your 1 rep max is 150lbs then don't wear a Weightlifting belt till you begin to do sets of over 140lbs). 

Weight Lifting Belts should only be used as a form of safety and not as a means to increase your strength or muscle gains. Weight Lifting belts helps you by giving you increased rigidity so that the core remains tight & supporting lower back during heavy lifts.

Essential Weight Lifting Belts

We have a complete range of essential gym belts for your convenience at a best price. You can find premium quality of weight lifting belts including:

  1. Leather Weightlifting Belt
  2. Weight Lifting Nylon Belt
  3. Weight Lifting lever Belt
  4. Dip Belt
  5. Self Locking Weightlifting Belt

You can also go with our extreme quality supports & grips for nonslip grip while powerlifting.