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Snake Skin Weightlifting Lever Belt


Introducing Snake Skin Weightlifting Lever Belt Braced for powerlifting with embossed leather inspired by Genuine Leather

Snake Skin features a quick-release adjustable lever and anti-slip technology for maximum support during heavy lifts.

Crafted from premium leather and reinforced Snake Skin is built to last and endure repeated heavy lifting sessions. Don't settle for less, upgrade your lifting game with the Snake Skin weightlifting belt today!


QUICK-RELEASE ADJUSTABLE LEVER Double-pronged lever buckle made of lightweight magnesium alloy. 

STRONGER BRACING Designed to give a harder core brace ensuring unmatched stability. 

10MM Ideal thickness levels for powerlifting. 

ANTI-SLIP TECHNOLOGY Suede inner lining prevents slipping.

PREMIUM LEATHER Grain cowhide with reinforced stitching. 

HIGHLY DURABLE Incredibly resilient to repeated sessions of lifting heavy weights

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