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Rotating Push Up Bar

ROTATING PUSH UP HANDLES -Perfect equipment for anyone who is passionate about their fitness and desires to keep pushing themselves towards your goals
PRESS UP AID -They aid your push ups by taking the pressure off the joints allowing you to comfortably perform more push ups with a reduced risk of injury or strain
WRIST SUPPORT -The push up handles relieve pressure on your wrists enabling you to increase the intensity of your exercise without experiencing pain, reducing the risk of injury and strain
SAFE USE - Position the handle right by your ribs with your knuckles facing you to emphasise the triceps, or place them wider than your shoulders to put greater emphasis on the fronts of the shoulders
FULL BODY WORKOUT - The push up pad rotates to allow you to increase your range of motion and target different parts of the body such as triceps, chest and shoulders allowing you to easily improve your workout

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